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Artificial Intelligence and Automation for Contact Centers


If you are uploading text data into Speak, you do not currently have to pay any cost. Only the Speak Magic Prompts analysis would create a fee which will be detailed below. This list contains tutorials, books, NLP libraries in 10 programming languages, datasets, and online courses. Moreover, this list also has a curated collection of NLP in other languages such as Korean, Chinese, German, and more. Natural language processing has been making progress and shows no sign of slowing down.


Start your trial or book a demo to streamline your workflows, unlock new revenue streams and keep doing what you love. Depending on your organization’s needs and size, your market research efforts nlp/nlu could involve thousands of responses that require analyzing. Rather than manually sifting through every single response, NLP tools provide you with an immediate overview of key areas that matter.


Now that we understand the user is seeking a jacket we can ensure the search results are actually jackets. Next we’ll try to improve on this by improving the Elasticsearch query, without resorting to NLP. Extract insights from research and trials reports to accelerate drug discovery and improve manufacturing processes. Extract information from historical documents, reports, maps, notes, etc., to support business operations and new explorations. Speak Magic Prompts leverage innovation in artificial intelligence models often referred to as “generative AI”.


The key aim of any Natural Language Understanding-based tool is to respond appropriately to the input in a way that the user will understand. An automated system should approach the customer with politeness and familiarity with their issues, especially if the caller is a repeat one. It’s a customer service best practice, after all, to be able to get to the root of their issue quickly, and showing that extra knowledge and care is the cherry on top.

R&D Projects funded by:

Dialogue systems involve the use of algorithms to create conversations between machines and humans. Dialogue systems can be used for applications such as customer service, natural language understanding, and natural language generation. This includes techniques such as keyword extraction, sentiment analysis, topic modelling, and text summarisation.

Email Productivity utilises advanced behavioural AI to keep time-wasting graymail out of employee inboxes. Abnormal self-learns user preferences and personalizes graymail control based on how they sort messages across their inbox and promotions folders. Abnormal is designed to support businesses with 500+ user mailboxes to get the full benefit of the behavioural AI detection engines. We atomise every part of our process so we can understand, define, build, test and refine every output.

Conversely, one might wish to find all price movements in an email chain or set of 15,000 news stories, regardless of the direction and specific vocabulary used (surge, spike, jump, skyrocket, shoot up, etc.). There are several reasons to identify and tag products, companies, people, and other topics in text. One reason is that governments have document retention requirements, and some companies have very large sets of retained documents that are unorganised and unused for further Big Data analysis. Harman Connected Services contacted us regarding the Samsung android voice assistant project that had very aggressive ramp up figures of 0 to 190 across 3 major sites – Munich, Paris and Milan. The offices were ready, the project was starting imminently, but there were only a few engineers onsite or secured. They needed an experienced machine-learning recruitment company like ourselves to help them secure the latest talent.

Innovation isn’t just about gadgets, it’s about adapting technology to discover new ways of doing business. True disruption comes from finding new business models through the marriage of data and technology with better user experiences. We help companies discover their innovation potential and the resources to execute disruption.

Common applications of natural language processing with Python

Abnormal baselines normal behaviour for every end user by analysing signals like login frequency, authentication methods, locations, devices, operating systems, browsers, and more. Abnormal detects when employee accounts have been compromised, remediates any messages sent from them, and disarms the account before attackers can do further damage. Working together with Abnormal Inbound Email Security, the Email Account Takeover Protection module stops account takeover attempts to prevent additional attacks. Abnormal Email Security pairs advanced behavioral science with risk-adaptive detection to stop all types of malicious email, including business email compromise, supply chain fraud, ransomware, and spam. This approach allows us to provide a fixed price for projects and deliver on time. To find out more information about our recruiting success stories or to discuss how we can find the latest talent for your job vacancies, please contact us today.

In a real world e-commerce application, a color filter would be restricted to a small finite set or colors. Being statistical, the NER model may identify colours that are not in the search filter. We train a model with plenty of examples and let it decide what is a product vs an attribute.


These models have analyzed huge amounts of data from across the internet to gain an understanding of language. Simply type something into our text and sentiment analysis tools, and then hit the analyze button to see the results immediately. Words, phrases, and even entire sentences can have more than one interpretation. Sometimes, these sentences genuinely do have several meanings, often causing miscommunication among both humans and computers. Then, Speak automatically visualizes all those key insights in the form of word clouds, keyword count scores, and sentiment charts (as shown above). You can even search for specific moments in your transcripts easily with our intuitive search bar.


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